Why is Using a Beard Comb Important?

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Your facial hair grows differently than the hair on your head and needs to be cared for differently.

Just like how using regular hair shampoo on your beard will cause irritation and damage, so to should you be using the right accessories on your facial hair.

One of the most important things you can be doing to maintain the health of your facial hair is using a beard comb daily.

Why Should You Use a Beard Comb?


Now that you have made it past the growth stage, the one that caused you to itch and scratch at your facial hair for what seemed like years now comes the time to bear the fruits of that labor.

Using a beard comb improves the way the beard looks and feels. In order to maintain a beard that is easy to manage, simply use the beard comb each day by combing upwards and then outwards.

Start at the neck and then head towards the chin and cheeks. Once the beard is brushed up you will have a fuller look, so begin brushing downward to style any way you like.

Use the comb to keep your mustache away from the opening of your mouth.

Benefits of Using a Beard Comb


Once you find the best beard comb, its time to enjoy all the benefits of incorporating combing into your morning grooming routine.

One of the biggest benefits to using a beard comb is you can prevent ingrown hairs from growing on your neck and face.

These tiny curled hairs that grow back under the skin can be irritating and hurt your appearance. Combing the beard each day will ensure the facial hairs line up and grow in the right direction.

Once the facial hairs are lined up, now you can make short work of trimming your beard. Combing each day will train those facial hairs to grow a certain way so you can maintain your desired look.

Using the comb around the mouth will keep food from getting trapped in the hair too.