Why is Using a Beard Comb Important?

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Your facial hair grows differently than the hair on your head and needs to be cared for differently.

Just like how using regular hair shampoo on your beard will cause irritation and damage, so to should you be using the right accessories on your facial hair.

One of the most important things you can be doing to maintain the health of your facial hair is using a beard comb daily.

Why Should You Use a Beard Comb?


Now that you have made it past the growth stage, the one that caused you to itch and scratch at your facial hair for what seemed like years now comes the time to bear the fruits of that labor.

Using a beard comb improves the way the beard looks and feels. In order to maintain a beard that is easy to manage, simply use the beard comb each day by combing upwards and then outwards.

Start at the neck and then head towards the chin and cheeks. Once the beard is brushed up you will have a fuller look, so begin brushing downward to style any way you like.

Use the comb to keep your mustache away from the opening of your mouth.

Benefits of Using a Beard Comb


Once you find the best beard comb, its time to enjoy all the benefits of incorporating combing into your morning grooming routine.

One of the biggest benefits to using a beard comb is you can prevent ingrown hairs from growing on your neck and face.

These tiny curled hairs that grow back under the skin can be irritating and hurt your appearance. Combing the beard each day will ensure the facial hairs line up and grow in the right direction.

Once the facial hairs are lined up, now you can make short work of trimming your beard. Combing each day will train those facial hairs to grow a certain way so you can maintain your desired look.

Using the comb around the mouth will keep food from getting trapped in the hair too.

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Do You Know Everything About Beards? You Must Read This

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Having a beard has been socially accepted over the years. For women, it is their hair that gives them the confidence but for some men, their beard is their crowning glory.

Taking care of their beard is more complicated than what meets the eye. This is actually very sensitive and using an ordinary shampoo will cause it to go dry and unruly.

There are specific products made intentionally for facial hair to let it grow healthy and shiny. The more you wash your beard, the more oil gets stripped off.

If you use the right products, you will prevent more damage. There are known products in the market that really provides the best results and these are what you should patronize.

Choose beard oil that contains natural ingredients to prevent harmful chemicals from sticking to your beard. You can also apply beard oil to regain its shine.

With the beard oil, the ones that do not get in easily because of its unusual shape is regained. Beard oil is a product made to moisturize and hydrate the hair and skin.

If the skin in your face is dry, you are bound to experience itchiness which will be very inconvenient.

If you are able to find the right product that fits your skin type, you will probably wear your beard for a long time.

Also, you may want to get yourself pampered by a professional. They will be able to shape your beard properly. Or you can try using beard shaper.

It is a tool to help you style and align your beard lines. Do you have any reviews? Please leave them in the comments below.

A beard wax will also help it keep in shape the entire day but it is still best for you to find something that contains natural ingredients still. Chemicals will only destroy your facial hair.

If you can find something that will enhance its health that would be the best thing you can do for your beloved beard.

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How To Grow Beards – They Are Still in Style

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Were you thinking that facial hair is just the same as the regular hair on your head? If you do, it is time to think again.

Consider curly hair if you want to grow a beard. These types of hair are normally dry and fuzzy, just like beards.

The reason for this is because of their texture, natural oil is unable to go directly to the tip. If you are using just any shampoo while washing your beard, you are stripping more natural oil from it.

These types of shampoos are harsh for delicate hair.

This is a very common misconception of many. Depending on the manufacturer, you can find beard products that can nurture yours.

It is advisable to pick those that contain natural ingredients but also make sure these are coming from legit companies and not just false claims.

There are also beard oil that can help your hair growth. Every time you wash your beard, you need to apply beard oil for it to regain what was lost.

Although it is not all, at least, you are returning some of it.

 It is also wise to wash your beard with warm water to remove all dirt and dust the clings to it. Using the right comb also helps a lot.

There are various types of beard combs you can use but it would be better if you ask someone from the counter who has the right knowledge regarding this.

This is to avoid causing it to become more unruly. Using wax to keep it shaped the way you want it the entire day is also a good way to groom your beard.

You can also have a professional take care of it for you as a gift to yourself. Just like women, your beard needs your tender loving care.

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Facial hair – Brief Notes

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Every person has a different preference. Some want to have a clean well-shaven face while others want to wear a beard. As long as they are able to groom it properly, there shouldn’t be a problem with it.

However, facial hair is far different than regular hair. They are much delicate compared to the one that grows on the head that is why you should avoid using regular products when washing it.

Washing facial hair requires more effort. You should refrain from using just any shampoo because it will leave it dry and fuzzy.

Beards are normally curly that is why its natural oil does not reach the tip like regular hair. Using harsh and strong products will only cause it to dry up more.

There is beard shampoo available in the market but it would be wise if you pick the ones that use natural ingredients.

You can also nurture it with beard oil; also those that contain natural oil extracts would be wise. Tea tree oil is one ingredient you can search for because of its medicinal effects.

Going to barbers for a trim is also advisable because they can provide you pointers, especially if this is your first time to grow a beard.

They can also suggest product brands that can enhance your beard’s growth.

Having someone with knowledge in this area is very useful to avoid causing more damage. Wearing a long beard is actually more complicated than it appears.

If you cut it in the opposite direction of its growth, you can expect it to grow all fuzzy and unruly.

It would be wise to gather up all necessary information before you try wearing one. Also, be sure you have the right style for the shape of your face to gain something from the look you want to achieve.

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